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In our smile gallery, we proudly showcase our featured client’s stunning smile transformation. Witness the remarkable results achieved through our dental expertise and witness the joy of a confident, beautiful smile that can be yours too!

Professional model Maria choose Emax veneers to rejuvenate her smile, and her radiant smile stole the show during her recent video shoot.

Discover Matt’s review and firsthand experience during his one-week smile makeover journey, where he shares how it transformed his smile and boosted his confidence!

Experience the remarkable transformation in Megan’s smile. Our Diamond White Zirconium Full Veneers expertly replaced her old, bulky, and discoloured veneers, revealing a radiant and natural-looking smile that perfectly complements her beauty. Witness the artistry of our advanced dental solutions through Megan’s captivating journey to renewed confidence and elegance.

Discover Billy’s remarkable smile transformation. His journey began with heavily stained and worn teeth that left him dissatisfied. However, our expert dental care brought about a dramatic change. Billy’s renewed confidence shines through in the stunning before-and-after photos. 

Jade had a vision of a wider, more glamorous smile with that iconic Hollywood charm. At our clinic, we transformed her dream into a reality. Explore Jade’s stunning before-and-after photos on our website, showcasing the exquisite artistry of our dental team. Witness how we broadened her smile and gave her that coveted Hollywood look, bringing her confidence and charisma to the forefront. 

Luke came to us with concerns about the colour, shape, and alignment of his teeth, and we were ready to create a stunning smile makeover for him.  Using our diamond white zirconium full veneers, we worked diligently to enhance the symmetry and balance of his smile line.

Claudia’s journey to a perfect smile began with composite bonding in the UK, but, she encountered issues with chipping and staining, not only that she desired a more refined and brilliant white smile, eliminating the bulky tooth appearance. After careful consideration, Claudia opted for our Emax Prime material, known for it’s exceptional durability and Hollywood aesthetics.

Lauren’s smile makeover journey began with her dissatisfaction with the positioning, colour, and overall appearance of her original smile. She decided to go for our “Pearly White” option, seeking a dramatic transformation.  Her beautiful new signature smile is a testament to the remarkable results achievable at New Look Smile. 

Paul selected our “Pearly White” zirconium full veneer smile makeover to address his concerns. Large gaps and protruding teeth were standing in the way of his ideal smile and bite function. With our expert touch, we successfully corrected these issues, enhancing the alignment of his smile line and the functionality of his bite. 

Isaac picked our “Pearly White” option for his smile makeover. Before his tooth positioning was noticeably buckled and he struggled with discolouration. Through our expertise, we successfully addressed these issues, resulting in a stunning transformation that left Isaac with a radiant, perfectly aligned smile he’s proud to showcase.

Paul, opted for our “Pearly White” smile makeover seeking a solution to chipped teeth and discolouration that marred his smile’s beauty. Our skilled team diligently worked to give him the smile makeover he desired. The result is a stunning, harmonious smile that showcases Paul’s renewed confidence and style perfectly. His new aligned smile reflects his true confidence.

Nicolas, all the way from Malta, embarked on a transformative journey to restore his smile with the expertise of our dental team. Facing the challenges of missing and damaged teeth, he selected the life-changing solution of All-on-4 dental implants. Witness his remarkable smile makeover through these captivating pictures, a testament to the power of modern dentistry and the confidence it can bring.

Dave’s journey is an inspiration to many who have faced challenges with addiction. After taking the courageous step toward sobriety, he decided to take the next step by improving his smile. Dave needed a total of 6 upper and 6 lower full implants. Dave’s story is a testament to the positive changes that can come from taking care of both physical and emotional well-being.

Meet Kim, a discerning individual who opted for our All-on-6 dental implant treatment to rejuvenate her smile. Her decision to choose this advanced solution reflects her commitment to achieving lasting oral health and aesthetics.  Kim’s remarkable transformation in these captivating smile pictures, showcasing the precision in our dental procedures.

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