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I'm not happy with my current smile, what do you suggest?

Your smile’s appearance is important, and we can help keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful. With so many advances in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, missing, or misshapen teeth. Today’s advanced materials and dental techniques offer many treatment choices that can help you smile with confidence, including:

Professional teeth whitening

Fillings that mimic the appearance of natural teeth

Tooth replacement and full smile makeovers

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How do I book a Smile Makeover at NEW LOOK Dental Clinic?

It’s very simple to book.

Contact our dental team with your preferred travel dates and we will check our availability.

To secure your appointment in our booking system please provide your travel and accommodation details, full name, contact number and email.

We will confirm your appointment with an email and SMS.

If you need to make any changes to your appointment date or time please just contact our dental team.

Where NEW LOOK Dental Clinic located?

Our modern advanced dental clinic is located in Lara, Antalya (Turkey).

Antalya clinic is located 10 minutes drive away from Antalya Airport (AYT) and located in the tourist area of Lara.

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Is the treatment painful?

Every individual will have a different experience, local anaesthesia is used so no pain is felt during the treatment.  Some may feel sensitivity during or after the treatment, if its felt after the treatment NEW LOOK will provide aftercare medicine and this sensitivity disappears within a few weeks.

What is included in my total price?

You will have a consultation, X-ray, temporary teeth, treatment, pain relief, aftercare information, transfers to and from clinic and a full guarantee including all work and materials.

Can I select the colour shade and style of my smile?

Yes this is what we are all about, giving you the smile of your dreams.

You personally select the colour shade from our colour charts in clinic and demo models showing the different styles we offer.

Will my teeth be filed down for my smile makeover?

If you’re suitable for Lumineers this is a non preparation veneer, the teeth are not filed down.

Yes, when selecting Pearly White® Diamond White® or Elite White Mono® crowns/full veneers your natural teeth will be filled down by 2mm.

If EMAX® crowns/full veneers are chosen your natural teeth will be filled down by 1mm.

Can I eat and drink normally during treatment?

Until your smile makeover is completed we recommend to consume soft foods but you can drink as normal including alcohol.

After treatment is completed you can eat and drink as normal.

Will my veneers or crowns stain over time?

Veneers or Crowns do not stain easily so the answer is no they will maintain the original colour shade with the correct dental hygiene and care.  But habits such as heavy smoking may have an effect over time or bad oral hygiene.

How long does a Smile Makeover take to complete?

We ask for current smile pictures so we can give you a treatment plan and cost guide.

But most cases we require you to be in Turkey for 6 days to complete a full smile makeover.  During this period you would be required to attend the clinic 3-4 times.  Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to enjoy your holiday.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debt cards, credit cards, cash and bank transfer payments.

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