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About Us

Our award winning dental team and clinic, offering the latest technology, techniques and finest materials to achieve the best results in cosmetic, general and surgical dentistry.
Dr Betul_Ozcopur dentists at New Look Dental Clinic

EST 2002
Our Clinic

At New Look Dental Clinic, we put patient care first. Whether you’re simply looking to maintain a healthy smile, or need advice about cosmetic or specialist treatments, we have the expertise within our dental team to deliver on your bespoke requirements.

We’re also very empathetic about dental anxiety and have the experience to put you at ease.

We look after you. From providing suitable appointment times, to offering the latest in dental treatments - every aspect of your dental care journey is carefully considered.

Our dental team treat patients as individuals and are transparent about the treatments and services you can expect.

2022 Award Nominated
Best Clinic Design

Our new Antalya Dental Clinic, has already turned heads not just with our clients but the world of design and architecture and is currently nominated in the category for best cosmetic dental clinic/hospital in 2022. We will be wishing for the best results when the award will be decided later in the year and thank our design team and construction team for their hard work and vision for our brand "New Look Dental Clinic".

Why Our
Clients Like Us

We love that our clients trust us to provide guidance and advice and the highest quality of care…. We appreciate all of the positive feedback we are consistently provided and that truly drives us to be a leader in dentistry for our clients. Thank you to every client who puts their trust and smiles in our skilled hands.

Great Location

Located in Antalya Turkey known as the "Turkish Riviera". Hot and dry in summers and temperate winters. Sunshine is guaranteed from April to October and the winters are pleasantly mild.

Award Winning

Dental Professor Betul and her team of dental professionals are award winning dentists and the latest news, the new Antalya clinic has been nominated for the best design award in 2022.

Accredited Professionals

All our team are accredited members of the Turkish Dental Association.

Awesome Office

Every part of the clinic space has been conceived with the patient’s wellbeing in mind, sensitively designed to provide patients with a tranquil luxurious environment.

Professional Tools

Using the latest materials, tools and techniques in dentistry to achieve the best results in smile design.

Caring Team

We strive to achieve a balance of personal care and exceptional first class dentistry. We are passionate about helping patients feel comfortable, informed and valued as they reach their dental dreams.
Emax Lumineers veneers

Natural Dubai Style
Smile Design

NEW to Turkey! EMAX ICE Natural® Veneers/Crowns. This smile design has become famous in Dubai and now available in Turkey. Our skilled dental team and laboratory are designing natural translucent smiles. The fashion is sliding away from the bright white Hollywood smile design and clients are searching for a natural translucent colour shade and natural tooth shape at New Look Dental Clinic in Antalya Turkey.
Emax Laminate® Veneers

White & Bright
Hollywood Style

It’s official, for clients looking to go whiter and brighter, we have the whitest shades available.

Our dental team and lab have been working with the industry leaders and have developed both our DIAMOND WHITE® ZIRCONIUM PORCELAIN Full Veneers/Crowns and PREMIUM WHITE MONO® Full Veneers/Crowns.

Our whitest shade passes BL1 by 3 shades.

Our Team
Dedicated To You!

Doc.Dr Betul Ozcopur


Dr Rustu Emurla


Dr Nefise Olcayto


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